Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Response Date 04 Jan 2010
Current Status Accepted
The Core Strategy document appears to be soundly drawn up covering the key areas of concern for the North Somerset area for the projected period.

It is, however, a rather fine wish list with little or no substance regarding implementation. The CS document should be partnered by a Infrastructure Delivery Plan published at the same time.

Sadly, the residents of NS have too frequently seen the local authority intentions paved with empty promises due to lack of funding, poor selection of PPF partners, etc. It is pointless listing, for example at CS10, the 17 transport schemes and proposals without a realistic estimation of the likelehood of their coming to fruition during the next 20 years. (As a resident of Banwell, the bypass proposals/promises are a key example of how to engender public cynisism with the lack of ability of local government to deliver).

In summary, this is not a denegration of the CS draft as such, but a pointer to the absolute need for it to be accompanied by a realistic delivery plan.