Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Response Date 09 Dec 2009
Current Status Accepted
I support the objective of high quality design and construction, through the gold Standard and through designing out crime.

Environmental performance (conservation of energy and water when the buildings are in use; minimising the energy cost of materials and construction; minimising the need for private car travel) is also vital.

I have some general concerns:
1) High-quality construction requires trained and competent builders to realise the design goals. Many of the people (both managers and workers) currently working in construction gained their experience with earlier generations of materials and techniques and may make mistakes.

2) Inspection: Shortage of experienced building inspectors to provide effective monitoring and guidance for these very big development.

3) Changing user requirements: Particularly space to "grow your own" whether in a garden or an allotment.

4) Mixed types of housing so that residents can move to larger and smaller homes through their lifetime without having to uproot themselves from their community and social support network. This has been a problem in the Clevedon area, for example.