Claverham Neighbourhood Plan - Submission Consultation

Claverham Neighbourhood Plan -submission consultation


1 The Village
Claverham is situated approximately half way between Weston-Super-Mare and Bristol on the plain between the rivers Kenn, to the north, and Yeo to the south and it is roughly five miles from the Bristol Channel as the crow flies.

It is probably named after the clover fields, which surrounded the village. In the West Country, the word 'ham' does not refer to a village or settlement, but is a contraction of the word 'hamm' meaning meadow.

A great wealth of information about Claverham is available from local societies and archives.

2 What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)?
NDPs are part of the planning system introduced by the Government - under the Localism initiative - to give people a greater say about the location and scale of development in their area and to help protect valued landscape and community assets.

NDPs can establish general planning policies for the development/use of land, designate important areas of green space for protection and give opportunity to manage and improve village infrastructure. Once adopted, NDPs form part of the Local Development Plan for the Local Authority and are used when considering planning applications.

However, whilst they can influence the choice of sites and the design and layout of new housing, NDPs cannot stop developments that are approved in the Local Plan, and policies have to reflect National Planning Guidance as provided in the NPPF. Despite these limitations, NDPs can have real influence and they are an important new means of engaging local communities in decisions on how their areas will appear and function over the next generation.

3 Why does Claverham need a NDP?
Claverham needs an NDP:
• To help shape the future of the Village Area up to 2026
• To ensure residents have a say in how Claverham develops in the future, because no-one knows Claverham better than its residents
• Because it is a planning instrument based upon known local conditions, needs and desires

4 Claverham NDP Area
Although Claverham is part of Yatton Parish Council, the parish council and local residents agreed that Yatton and Claverham should produce separate NDPs on the grounds that the villages are two very different entities. Yatton has facilities such as a railway station, shopping precinct, school, library and medical facilities. Yatton has been designated by North Somerset Council as a ‘service village’. Claverham is much smaller than Yatton and more rural. Claverham’s only facilities are a primary school, a village hall hosting a part-time post office and coffee shop, a pizza outlet, a hair salon and Claverham Meeting House, Barn and cottage. Most importantly, Claverham has been designated by North Somerset Council as an ‘infill village’.

At a meeting on 27th January 2015 the boundary between the two areas was agreed between residents representing both villages. This was accepted by Yatton Parish Council then approved by North Somerset Council.

The Plan Area for Claverham is fixed and is reported as such on North Somerset Council’s econsult website

Website Extract (Verbatim):

Yatton Parish - Application for the designation of Two Neighbourhood Areas for Yatton and Claverham 

"Yatton Parish Council, with help from the local community, are preparing two separate Neighbourhood Development Plans; one for Yatton and one for Claverham. This will help to shape the Parish over the next 15 years.

The first part of the process was to formally designate the area that the plans will cover, known as the neighbourhood area. The area that has been chosen is the whole of Yatton Parish divided into two sections creating a neighbourhood area for the Claverham Neighbourhood Plan and a separate neighbourhood area for the Yatton Neighbourhood Plan. The Neighbourhood Areas were designated on 24 April 2015".

As part of the discussion in creating the plan areas it was noted that Claverham Road up to Stowey Park remains part of Claverham and, as a first communication from Claverham’s Steering Group, a clarification letter was sent to the residents of Claverham Road, particularly those close to Stowey Park.




 Figure 3 Claverham Neighbourhood Plan Area
This Map provided for line of Plan Area Boundary only, all other matters are indicative
N.B. Definitive settlement and other boundaries given in Policy SB1 and D3