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Response Date 19 Apr 2013

Re: Consultation: Sites and Policies Plan -  Designation of Local Green Space or Undesignated Green Space

Request for designation of land at 60 Station Road, Nailsea


Please take these comments into consideration when making decisions about additional areas of land to be designated as either Local Green Space or as Undesignated Green Space.

My interest in this piece of land is twofold.  I am a local resident of the area, and use the lane that runs the length of the southern boundary of the land on a regular basis. I also chair a volunteer group, the ‘Friends of Trendlewood Park’ which assists North Somerset Councl in the care and management ofTrendlewoodParkwhich adjoins this land. The piece of land  is a wedge shape, and consists of a meadow extending east towards Nowhere Wood fromStation Road. It is bounded by a lane which runs along its entire length into Nowhere Wood. The land is surrounded on three sides by mature woodland, large oak trees and hedgerows. It is an integral part of the natural environment on this side of the wood, and should be protected as such. Several large trees overhang the land, and there are meadows onNailseaSchoolplaying fields with high wildlife value immediately to the east of the site.

Although the land is privately-owned, I believe that it has high landscape value and acts as a buffer between the busy main road and the tranquil woodland. It has had a desigation ofAmenityLandfor many years, and it’s landscape and amenity value have been important factors in several unsuccessful applications to build houses. The site undoubtedly forms part of the woodland edge, and is a valuable habitat and green corridor for wildlife. Visually, the site provides an open and attractive introduction to the woodland and is clearly visible to the many people who use the wood and lane for recreation and access. There is no doubt that the site would be viewed by an owner a valuable asset for building of several houses. This would permanently destroy the integrity of this area, and would intrude built landscape into the woodland edge.

Please give serious consideration to designating this piece of land in recognition of it’s position and landscape value.