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Agent Steve Lamb
Response Date 19 Apr 2013



DM16 Control of non-mineral development likely to affect active minerals sites or sites recently granted consent for mineral working


Policy DM16: The text states that non-mineral development within 500 metres of an active mineral site, or a site recently granted consent, would be resisted where development would


impair mineral working without mitigation measures being put in place.

Any development that would impair mineral working should be resisted and it is not necessary to refer to "significantly" impair mineral workings.


No impairment of permitted extraction should be allowed.


Who is to pay compensation for the loss of, or impairment of permitted mineral? Is the planning authority willing to pay compensation for mineral that can no longer be worked or costs more to extract?


The nature of mineral working in North Somerset is such that the depth of extraction is considerable and even the impairment of a small surface area of permitted mineral extraction could affect a very large tonnage of mineral.


The word "significantly" should be deleted.


The buffer policy should also apply to the safeguarding area identified in policy DM18. A 500 metre buffer should be drawn around the entire safeguarded limestone area in order to prevent non-mineral development which could impair future mineral extraction.


Without such a policy the safeguarding area could be substantially compromised.


Revised text for the policy is provided below:




The council will give particularly careful consideration to proposals for non-mineral development close to (generally within about 500m of the boundary of) active minerals sites or sites newly granted consent for mineral working, including ancillary activities and the safeguarding area referred to in Policy DM18 and identified on the Proposals Map.


Where such proposals, due to their nature and location, would be likely to impair mineral working activities of such sites, they will be resisted unless satisfactory mitigation measures would be undertaken.