Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft

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Document Section Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft Major Development Sites in Weston-super-Mare WSM8 [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 19 Apr 2013



Policy WSM1-Weston Town Centre and Seafront, Policy WSM4-Gateway area, WSM7- Dolphin Square, WSM8-Victoria Square, WSM9-St James Street, WSM10-Lower High Street East, WSM11-Walliscote area, WSM13-Sunnyside Road site, WSM14-Rugby Club site, WSM15-Tesco Site, WSM16-Locking Road car park, Policy WSM20- Employment led regeneration within the Weston urban area excluding the proposed Weston Villages.


These sites are currently tidally defended up to 2086, but significant inundation occurs by 2126 (beyond this plan period). These areas are not located within the 1in 100 year fluvial floodplain, however site specific Flood Risk Assessment’s (FRA) will be required as these sites fall within the undefended tidal floodplain for Weston super Mare (WSM). The FRA’s will need to ensure sufficient on site mitigation is provided i.e. finished floor levels. For all of these sites opportunities for SUDs should be considered and a reduction in runoff rates to the receiving sewer.