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Response Date 19 Apr 2013

Policy DM27: Bus Accessibility Criteria

It should not be a policy requirement for all residential development comprising 10 or more dwellings to be within a maximum of 400 m of a bus stop via a direct pedestrian route.  Whilst sustainable development is encouraged, including appropriate access to bus services, Policy DM27 is too specific and onerous in its requirements.  This should be identified as good practice and an aspiration/target at most, rather than an absolute policy requirement.  This is consistent with wording used elsewhere in the policy in relation to bus service frequency, which is clearly identified as a target only. 

It should be recognised that in some locations it may not be possible for the nearest appropriate bus stops to be compliant with the necessary disability legislation with raised kerbs.  Again, the policy should be amended to state that ‘where appropriate’ the layout for larger sites will be designed so that buses can pass through the site rather than use the same road into and out of the site.  This will not be appropriate in all schemes.