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Agent PCL Planning Ltd
Response Date 19 Apr 2013


Policy DM27: Bus accessibility criteria


If the requirement for development to be within a maximum of 400 metres from a bus stop is to be included in the policy it should be established as a ‘target’, similarly to the bus service frequency, rather than an absolute requirement which would render a proposal contrary to the provisions of the Development Plan if it is not achieved.

It is germane that this requirement derives from national and regional guidance that has now been superseded, and does not appear in current higher order policies with which the emerging DPD must be in conformity. It is also germane that the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation considers up to 1,000 metres to be an acceptable walking distance, and up to 2,000 metres to be a reasonable maximum. The accessibility targets in Policy DM27 should therefore be adjusted accordingly.

I hope that these submissions are of assistance to you in progressing the draft Plan. I would reiterate the ambition of my clients and their consultant team to work closely with yourselves and other key stakeholders to deliver a sustainable urban extension at South West Nailsea, which we consider should be the preferred option and necessary to deliver the development requirements in the district during the Plan period.

Would you please keep me posted on progress with both the Sites and Policies Plan and also the re-examination of the policies of the Core Strategy that have been remitted back to the Secretary of State. Although we were not involved in the original Examination we would welcome the opportunity to be involved in the re-Examination process in view of the potential implications that it will have for the interest in land at Nailsea that our clients have secured in the interim.

Please let me know if we can provide you with any further information that would be of assistance at this stage. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss further the opportunity at South West Nailsea.