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Response Date 19 Apr 2013

DM:27 Bus accessibility criteria

Object.  The policy needs clarification as follows:  It is not clear whether this policy applies to existing or to new residential development, or whether it applies equally to urban and rural areas.   It is not likely that as many as 10 additional houses will ever be built in Kingston Seymour, but if they were, would this policy apply in just the same way as it would in a larger village or town? 

The Government is committed to “rural proofing” but it is impractical to provide bus services to all rural communities.  Until 2 years ago, Kingston Seymour had a 4x daily (weekdays) supported bus service, but it was hardly used and has been withdrawn, replaced by an even less frequent community bus service on which bus passes cannot be used.   Like its predecessor, it is valued by the few who do use it but it is very little used.