Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft

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Response Date 19 Apr 2013

DM:10 Trees

Support but see general comment no. 1 above.

General comments


1.       Balance


KSPC finds this document very unbalanced. Some policies are long and detailed, others are inexplicably brief and vague.  Compare for instance DM4 Conservation Areas and DM 5 Listed Buildings (a few lines each) with the much more detailed DM10 Trees, which contains references to “the relative positions of trees and windows for light” and “specific issues relating to tree species eg aphid honey dew, fruit drop, density of canopy, leaves and needles” .   This unevenness of treatment  needs to be addressed as a matter of priority.  KSPC made a similar comment in relation to the Core Strategy, of which such unevenness was (and remains) a feature.   In this (Sites & Policies) document it is arguably more serious, as a lack of adequate detail will allow too much scope for officer / committee interpretation and lead to inconsistent decision-making.