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Response Date 19 Apr 2013
Option 2 of the Portishead railway plan is just not viable . Living close to this area , an area full of families , this is not viable. The council have not been forthcoming with these plans , but if they were there would be many more objections . There is not enough land , this impacts on the housing here , and would increase dangers from increased cars trying to park around the site . Having lived in Portishead all my life there is no need for a rail link anyway . The cycle path submitted by sustains would be a much better option for the residents , opening ip leisure opportunities and linking to the existing cycle path . Has a study been conducted into who would use this train link ? As the difficult getting out of Portishead is getting onto the motorway not getting into Bristol . The council should consult residents about the budgets and how they are spent . Putting a railway station in the middle of a family housing estate Is ridiculous . Especially when buses are vastly underused.