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Response Date 19 Apr 2013

In respect of the three options for the site of the new Portishead Station I consider that the rail link scheme will be compromised if the station is moved away from the current (Option 1) town centre location. As a civil engineer (with no interest in this project ) the highway and overbridge issues are relatively staightforward for this option and should not be overstated, and the adverse impacts can be mitigated. The additional parking (if required - less of course would be required for this option than the other 2 options as it is closer to the town centre) could be provided as overflow parking at the Option 2 carpark.

The Option 2 location is a very constrained site close to residential properties which is likely to result in future objections to the proposal, and the relatively remote location away from the town centre will discourage use of the link.  

The Option 3 location will require most users to drive to the station and once in the car more likely to continue on to Bristol.

I therefore support the Option 1 location.