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Response Date 16 Apr 2013

Regarding equestrian development, last point. 

Please explain what pre-existing outdoor activities are?  I understand that cycling would be an outdoor activity. Cyclists are allowed to use bridlepaths, whilst horses are not allowed to use cycle paths.  It is more likely that cyclists conflict with horses on bridlepaths.

Pedestrian traffic - horses are not allowed to use footpaths, so how would they conflict with pedestrian traffic?

We need more safer routes/multi user routes for horse riders so that there is no conflict with vehicular traffic taking place.  Unfortunately for riders, we have to use the roads to get to the bridlepaths and country lanes, therefore how can we not conflict with the free flow of vehicular traffic.  Traffic should pass a horse and rider with care as they have every right to use a road.

Are you trying to say that equestrian development will not take place if riders have to use a road?

It seems to me that you are penalising equestrians from their enjoyment of the countryside and their hobby.