Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft

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Response Date 25 Mar 2013

It is considered that the note added to Policy DM45: ‘Replacement dwellings in the countryside’, cross referencing with the policy relating to development in the Green Belt, should also indicate that if the replacement dwelling is in the AONB it will additionally need to comply with

Policy DM12 seeking conservation and enhancement of the designated area.


Policy DM46: ‘The conversion of redundant rural buildings to residential use’. Sometimes conversion of traditional rural buildings to residential use can have a significant impact on the character of the AONB landscape and retaining former use types may be preferable. The proposed policy includes the requirement  for reasonable attempts to have been made to secure an appropriate economic use for a rural building before consent is given for conversion. The applicant would have to demonstrate, under the policy as worded, that the building has been actively marketed both on site and online for employment uses for a minimum of 6 months at a reasonable price which reflects the use being advertised. Given current economic circumstances, it is felt that the time period should be at least 12 months to allow alternative economic uses to be adequately investigated.


Policy DM47: Rural workers dwellings, should, we feel, include a requirement that such dwellings, where approved, will be sited and designed to be in harmony with the landscape context.