Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft

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Response Date 21 Mar 2013

I think a vigorous concerted  email/ letter writing campaign should be started to persuade the ORR to change their policy of no new level crossings, particualrly in relation to the Quays Avenue problem in Portishead.It is only a policy , it's not law of the land ! Officials need to be be forced out of their ivory towers to pay a site visit and see that the idea of a level crossing is infinitely preferable to any sort of road bridge over rail proposed solution. This really does seeem to be a case of taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut ! I have nightmarish visions of something like the long defunct Temple Meads flyover right outside the lounge windows of Haven View retirement home. May I suggest that the Portishead Railway Group focus on this and perhaps organise some sort of visual demonstration at the site to kick something into action. The anti railway group also seem to be gathering a head of steam ( pardon the pun) and that PRAG may need to up its game in the coming months even more to counteract this. I cannot help thinking that the anti railway comments are coming from CAR owners. They have a choice whether to use the railway or not. Some of us who rely on buses ( and hopefully trains) don't have the luxury of making that choice. It might help if they left the car at home for a month or two and paid the extortionate bus  fares to and from Bristol, taking an hour each way. Then they might change their tune, and see why we really really need this railway.