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Environment Agency 19 Apr 2013

Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft Major Development Sites in Weston-super-Mare WSM8

  • Comment ID: 1020673//9
  • Status: Accepted
Weston-super-Mare Policy WSM1-Weston Town Centre and Seafront, Policy WSM4-Gateway area, WSM7- Dolphin Square, WSM8-Victoria Square, WSM9-St James Street, WSM10-Lower High Street East, WSM11-Walliscote area, WSM13-Sunnyside Road site, WSM14-Rugby Club site, WSM15-Tesco Site, WSM16-Locking Road car park, Policy WSM20- Employment led regeneration within the Weston urban area excluding the proposed Weston Villages. These sites are currently tidally defended up to 2086, but significant inundation