Portishead Neighbourhood Plan Submission Consultation

Portishead Neighbourhood Plan 2022-2038

Policy PEB3: Local Heritage


3.74 Portishead is rich in local heritage and has an active local history group – The Gordano Civic Society. There are 39 listed buildings in the town, as well as one scheduled ancient monument, and four Conservation Areas, as shown on Figure 12.

3.75 A Conservation Area is an area of special architectural character and historic interest which is protected by law against certain changes. Unlike listed buildings, which are designated by Historic England, Conservation Areas are appointed and managed by the Local Authority - in this case North Somerset District Council. The Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas Act 1990 (Part II section 72) requires planning authorities to pay special attention to the ‘preserving or enhancing the character or appearance’ of a Conservation Area.

3.76 National policy states that, in determining applications, local planning authorities should require an applicant to describe the significance of any heritage assets affected, including any contribution made by their setting. This should be a thorough assessment of impact proportionate to the significance of the heritage asset which can range from the Conservation Area itself to specific buildings or structures. Heritage statements are a method of ensuring that this work is undertaken as part of any development procedures.

3.77 There are also many more buildings, and structures in Portishead that play a role in collective heritage and identity of the town even though they do not meet the listing criteria for nationally significant heritage assets for Grade 1 or II listing (such as the grade II listed Fedden Village/ National Nautical School), are valued as part of the local heritage story. Their heritage value places them in the category of ‘buildings of local interest’, otherwise called ‘non-designated heritage assets’. Through research and consultation, a number of such locally valued non-designated heritage assets have been identified. Some of these are also recorded on the North Somerset Historic Environment Record. These are shown on Figure 12 and detailed information is set out in the Portishead Locally Valued Non-designated Heritage Assets Report (2022) which is part of the evidence base to the Neighbourhood Plan.

3.78 By identifying buildings and structures of local interest, the local community has the chance to recognise buildings or other heritage assets that are of importance to the sense of place and local heritage and that these need to be regarded with care in planning decisions. This will benefit both owners and developers regarding better understanding of opportunities and constraints of the local area.

3.79 North Somerset Council are working in collaboration with Historic England to launch a Local Heritage List for North Somerset. The Local Heritage List for the district has a nomination and assessment process. Buildings and structures of local interest identified in this Neighbourhood Plan may be nominated for consideration for the North Somerset List and are considered to be strong candidates having been identified locally using Historic England guidance and have also been through a rigorous public consultation process.

“There are a number of processes through which non-designated heritage assets may be identified, including the local and neighbourhood plan-making processes and conservation area appraisals and reviews. Irrespective of how they are identified, it is important that the decisions to identify them as non-designated heritage assets are based on sound evidence.”

Relevant Objective

O6 To ensure that new development is sympathetic to our local heritage, including its maritime and industrial history.

Local Policy Context

  • CS5 Landscape and the Historic Environment
  • DM3 Conservation Areas
  • DM4 Listed Buildings
  • DM5 Historic Parks and Gardens
  • DM6 Archaeology
  • DM7 Non-designated Heritage


A. Designated Heritage Assets

Development will be expected to preserve and where appropriate enhance the character, appearance, special interest and setting of:

  • the four Conservation Areas in Portishead, existing open green space, including private gardens, should be protected from unsympathetic development where this would have an adverse impact on the historic character of a Conservation Area; and
  • Listed buildings and structures across the town.

B. Non-designated Heritage Assets

Development proposals that affect non-designated Heritage Assets (including buildings or structures of local interest as shown on Figure 12) will be required to take into account the character, context and setting, including important views towards and from the building or structure. Development proposals must demonstrate that appropriate consideration has been given to:

i. the significance of the heritage asset;

ii. its most distinctive and important features;

iii. the elements of its setting and immediate surrounds that contribute to its significance; and,

iv. the contribution the asset and its setting makes to the character of the local area (whether in a Conservation Area or not).

A heritage impact assessment should accompany planning applications in Portishead which have the potential to impact upon heritage assets (designated and non-designated) and/or its setting.

FIG 12: Local Heritage Assets:

Figure 12 Local Heritage Assets


1. Historic Building (House): The Dock Master’s House

2. Historic Building (House): The Abbey’ Woodhill Road

3. Swimming Pool: Portishead Open Air Pool

4. Historic Building (House): Mariners Cottage

5. Street Furniture: Street Lamps*

6. Street Furniture: Street Benches*

7. Street Furniture: Ventilation Columns*

8. Historic Buildings (House): Woodlands and Holmleigh

9. Historic Building (House): The Upper Lodge

10. Historic Building (Salt Water Bathhouse): The Saltings

11. Historic Building (House): The Cot

12. Historic Building (House): Myrtle Cottage

13. Historic Building (House): Anchorage

14. Historic Building: “The old police station”**

15. Historic Building (House): Church Cottage

16. Street Furniture: Fencing and Gates: Power Station original Fencing

17. Historic Building (House): Avon View House & Annex

18. Historic Building (Public House): The Albion**

19. Historic Building (Church): United Reform Church**

20. Historic Pier and Building: Lifeboat station, Slipway and Pier**

21. Historic Building (House): 71-73 Woodhill Road

22. Historic Building (Church): Methodist Church**

23. Historic Building (Public House): The Plough**

24. Historic Building (Public House): The Poacher**

25. Historic Building (House): Nore Lodge

26. Historic Building (Converted Church/Dwelling): Moose Hall**

27. Historic Lighthouse: Battery Point Lighthouse

28. Historic Building (House): Clarence House

29. Historic Building (House): Down House

30. Iron Age Hill Fort: East Wood**

31. Historic Building: Former Portishead Post Office

32. Historic Building: Roath Road Chapel**

33. Historic Bridge: Weston, Clevedon and Portishead Light Railway bridge

34. Historic Building (Lodge House): Clarence House Lodge

*Note: planning policy only has an impact where planning consent is needed. There will be little control over street furniture which is covered instead by the Highways Act unless it is actually fully listed (Grade l, Grade ll* or Grade ll listed). **Non-designated heritage assets also recorded on the North Somerset Historic Environment Record