Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Stage

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Document Section 1. North Somerset Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Document North Somerset Issues Q3. Do you agree with these or are there other challenges or issues which we have not included and how might the Local Plan address these? View all on this section
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Response Date 13 Dec 2018

My concerns echo those of other local residents and are as follows:

  1. The Joint Spatial Plan (JSP) is still in a consultation phase. It is far too premature for NSC to propose how the draft JSP could be implemented in North Somerset.
  2. The JSP/LP proposals for a Strategic Development Location of 700 houses at Grove Farm (an increase of approx 40% in the size of Backwell) would completely change the character of the village and result in a messy suburban sprawl with no proper identity.  
  3. The proposal for a new school near Grove Farm is not supported by any evidence from a coherent strategic plan for Backwell’s schools in the enlarged village.
  4. The JSP & LP propose a new road across Backwell Common (Green Belt), creation of a ‘Transport Hub’ at the train station and ‘improvements’ at Backwell cross roads(!). The proposals for a large scale development at Grove Farm and a much larger one at Nailsea and elsewhere, will significantly increase the volumes of traffic through Backwell despite new roads being planned. The pressure on Backwell’s current roads will increase with the extra households.
  5. There is a total lack of clarity on how these expensive infrastructure changes would be funded, especially as they would be needed before the housing development.
  6. So far there has been no proper consideration of The Vale (near the South Bristol Link Road) as a suitable location for a large scale development. This site is much closer to far more employment and would thus minimise commuting traffic. A comprehensive Green Belt Review is required.
LP premature ahead of JSP