Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Document Section Site Allocations Plan March 2016 Schedule 1: Proposed large sites for residential development over 10 dwellings (Sites marked with a * are mixed use sites). Weston-super-Mare Birnbeck Pier* View all on this section
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Response Date 26 Apr 2016

The condition of the Birnbeck Pier complex has deteriorated over several decades due to changing socio-economic patterns (particularly for holiday makers), the lack of a viable commercial use of the complex, and various accidents and weather related damages. As such, the main Grade II* listed promenade which links the island complex to the mainland has been closed and requires substantial repair works.

CNM Estates is fully committed to the refurbishment of the Birnbeck Pier complex and indeed the wider regeneration of this part of Weston Super Mare. It has appointed a comprehensive team of technical consultants to assess the cost of the refurbishment works to the Pier and has been assisting the Birnbeck Regeneration Trust (BRT) in securing Heritage Lottery Funding (HLF). CNM Estates is also considering appropriate forms of development on the foreshore to close the inevitable gap between the cost of the refurbishment work and any Heritage Lottery Funding.

In order to establish what can be achieved, both on the island and the wider foreshore land, a detailed feasibility study needs to be undertaken. The wider site is a relatively complex area with changing topographies and sensitive heritage assets. A detailed assessment of any development options, therefore, must be undertaken to establish the opportunities and constraints of the site and the best composition of uses for this area.

Whilst we support the policy allocation for a mixed-use development, in the absence of any extant planning permissions or detailed feasibility studies, it is neither appropriate nor possible for the Council to identify a realistic capacity figure for the wider site, at this stage.

Indeed reference to 50 units is low when you compare the size of the wider site in relation to the Royal Pier Hotel, Dorville and Lynton House Hotel Sites (shown by the darker red shading in the map above), which cumulatively have consent for 104 units.

We, therefore, recommend that the Council retains the allocation but removes reference to a residential capacity figure. It would be appropriate, instead for the Council to provide additional wording suggesting that the overall quantum of development will be informed by a detailed analysis of the area.