Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 22 Apr 2016

I write on behalf of the Winscombe Community Association (WCA), who are responsible for the “Land to rear of Winscombe Fire Station, Winscombe”. We do not feel that designating the Community Centre and the adjacent field as field as a “Local Green Space” is appropriate, and we do not support the proposal.

The WCA is a charity with the objective making the Community Centre buildings available for all the residents of Winscombe and Sandford to enjoy collectively, and take part in a range of activities. Currently the space is used for children’s groups, a youth club, local markets, the annual Michaelmas Fair, bridge, art and table tennis clubs and many others. As Trustees, our role is to ensure the buildings are maintained, and if possible improved, in order to guarantee the Centre is available for future generations. We feel that any designation that inhibits our freedom to sustain, and possibly expand or develop the buildings, would threaten the future of the organisation.

Further, our charitable constitution held at The Charity Commission states that all adult residents in the parishes of Winscombe and Sandford are members of the WCA, and the land is therefore held in trust on their behalf. We feel this is vitally important and forms the core of our values. The Community Centre was secured for the benefit of all villagers, and it is crucial that everyone feels part of the Association and a tangible owner of it. That a decision could be made about the future of the land without the express support of the villagers seems to be unethical and abhorrent.

We recently presented our views to the Winsombe and Sandford Parish Council, who discussed the proposal at their planning meeting. The Councillors voted unanimously not to support the proposal, which we feel is a powerful endorsement of our position and the mood of the community. In light of this we expect and hope that this proposal is rejected.