Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 19 Apr 2016
    1. The Council supports the LGS designation for the two fields meeting in a T shape near St Andrew’s Church. However the reasons for the designation are inadequate. 
    2. North Somerset Council’s Background document LGS March 2016 at pages 60-62 proposes these fields because they have ‘particular importance in terms of the setting of the grade 1 listed St Andrew’s Church, being high lying, prominent and visible from a significant distance to the south’. This reason is sound but the two fields are also very special to the community because of their recreational value.
    3. The Backwell Neighbourhood Plan is based on extensive surveys and community questionnaires which show (at draft Plan Evidence Base J.20) that ‘the primary reasons for the designation of Farleigh Fields are their recreational and landscape value’. One survey showed that residents had used the land for 27 different sports and recreational activities for more than 20 years. A copy of this survey and 50 of 500 available photographs of recreational activities are available at Backwell Parish office. The sporting activities have little to do with the landscape value of the land. The recreational value is very important to the community in its own right. 
    4. North Somerset Council’s Evidence Paper LGS February 2013 correctly recognises the landscape reasons indicated by a tick in both the beauty and recreation columns and this is at variance with NSC’s 2016 version. Is this perhaps just an oversight?
    5. Backwell Parish Council requests that both the Landscape and Recreational importance of these fields be formally recorded in the Site Allocation Plan.