Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Document Section Site Allocations Plan March 2016 Schedule 1: Proposed large sites for residential development over 10 dwellings (Sites marked with a * are mixed use sites). Nailsea West of Engine Lane View all on this section
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Response Date 26 Mar 2016

I am writing to concern my views with regards to the building of 170 houses on the land off Engine Lane the Gaulacre site.

I have lived in the area and walked those fields everyday for the last 8 years and the wildlife that is in and around those fields is outstanding we have badgers,bats,grass snakes, adders, newts and hundreds more and not forgetting the wildflowers that are growing in the fields they are of natural beauty and interest.

The schools in the local areas were all over subscribed last year and I struggled to get my 4 year old daughter a place I don't understand where all the new family's will send their children to school.

The fields are our natural soak-ways and with the amount of rain we are having and have had over the years these areas are a must keep for Nailsea please don't destory this beautiful part of Nailsea.

Your sincerely

Cher Cousins