Site Allocations Plan March 2016

Weston Regeneration Area


In 2015 the Council published and consulted on a Prospectus for Change for Weston-super-Mare Town Centre. This set out ambitious plans for the future of the town focusing on the need to ensure more people live, learn and spend leisure time in the town. The vision for the town was widely welcomed and the council is working with consultants to draw up deliverable proposals which will change the outlook for the town, kick-start regeneration proposals and fundamentally alter the perception of the town to a place to invest, where young people want to buy a home or come to study and which is a healthy and vibrant place to live and visit.

The Council is committed to ensuring confidence in the town, delivering the quality and critical mass required to make a real difference. A significant growth in high quality residential development is proposed in order to sustain the vitality of the shopping, leisure and cultural facilities.

The vision as identified in the Prospectus for Change is:

Weston-super-Mare will become a lively, proud university town. The centre will be a highly desirable place to live, learn and spend leisure time. New high quality contemporary urban apartments and sought-after conversions will bring new vitality, youth and spending power to the town centre. Life-style choices and new facilities will be inspired by its great accessibility, the coastal location and rural hinterland, and demands of a modern generation.

In the next 10 years Weston town centre will have:

  1. Significant growth and investment in high quality residential development which in turn will help to grow and sustain new shopping, leisure and cultural facilities.
  2. A new university campus, based in the town centre, used by students for higher and further education as well as the community. This will provide students and professionals with high-quality study, new skills, accommodation and lifestyles.
  3. Leisure-led development on key sites in the heart of the town. This will be accompanied by a greater variety and quality of culture and leisure activity, visitor accommodation and focus on sports provision including healthy lifestyle activities. An internationally recognised programme of events and activities will be supported including a growing reputation for extreme sports.
  4. A more focused shopping area which links more readily with the seafront and promenade and which is more vibrant and welcoming during the evening.
  5. A physical environment in which development utilises and refurbishes the best of the town’s heritage and new development generates pride and identity in the town. Buildings and spaces will be well managed, and can be used flexibly to meet changing demands and needs.
  6. Town centre start up spaces for new businesses and a range of town centre jobs provided by a new mix of enterprises, businesses and office development.
  7. A modern digitally enabled town centre which embraces modern technology.
  8. Better accessibility to the town centre and an improved sense of arrival showcased by an upgraded railway station, bus interchange facilities and pedestrian connections.

POLICY SA 11: Weston Regeneration Area

The extent of the town centre regeneration area is shown on the Proposals Map.

A Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) including a masterplan and delivery strategy will provide detailed guidance to support its implementation.

Within this area a range and mix of town centre and residential uses are appropriate. Key priorities and requirements will be set out in the SPD.

Priorities will include;

  • The provision of approximately 900 new homes mostly aimed at home owners aimed at rebalancing the tenure structure in the centre.
  • The establishment of a priority zone for new development between the railway station/Hildesheim Bridge and the town centre through development of underused and brownfield sites. Development briefs will be set out for Walliscote Place, Station Approach and Dolphin Square.
  • Improvements to the Town Square as the main town centre public space and a high quality retail and leisure destination
  • Improvements to the public realm, arrival experiences, pedestrian, bus and cycle links

Development will be required to;

  • Respond to and build upon the charm and distinctiveness of Weston’s natural setting and seafront location
  • Complement and enhance the qualities of the urban form, green spaces and heritage qualities. Strengthen and draw out the unique characteristics of Weston’s established quarters. The SPD will set out these character areas and the development principles to be applied.