Statement of Community Involvement revision 2019

Statment of Community Involvement update 2019

4 Reviewing the SCI

4 Reviewing the SCI


The SCI has been prepared based on current rules and legislation. If new rules are introduced by government which mean that the consultation practices set out in this SCI become out of date, then the Council may not be able to comply with the SCI, until it can be updated.


North Somerset Council intends to build upon our existing and successful consultation practices and will learn from the experience of using the Statement of Community Involvement. We want our consultation processes to be simple to follow and use and we aim to carry them out in a fair, open and efficient way.


To ensure this we will monitor the success of the methods we use for involvement and feedback in the planning application process and at the various stages of preparation of planning documents. For planning policy documents we will do this when we prepare the consultation statement we submit to the Secretary of State for local plans and when we publish the consultation statement alongside SPD’s which we propose to adopt. This will set out in detail exactly how the council has met its community involvement requirements for a particular Local Plan or SPD document as set out in the SCI. If this shows that improvements could be made then we will change our practices accordingly.

A complete refresh of the SCI will be undertaken where it is shown to be materially out of step in practice or because of a change in Planning Regulations.