North Somerset Local Plan 2038 Preferred Options

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Document Section North Somerset Local Plan Preferred Options: Consultation Draft March 2022 3. Strategic Policies SP3: Spatial strategy SP3: Spatial Strategy View all on this section
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Agent Knight Frank
Response Date 29 Apr 2022
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Taylor Wimpey supports the proposed spatial strategy, which seeks to prioritise housing and economic growth at the most sustainable locations which benefit from a range of facilities, services, jobs and opportunities for active travel and public transport. The need to avoid areas of flood risk is acknowledged. At this stage, the Local Plan seeks to make provision for a minimum of 20,085 new dwellings over the plan period in accordance with the government’s standard method and the most recent affordability ratios. At this stage land for only 18,064 new homes is identified and it will be necessary to provide sufficient certainty through the plan-making process that the requirement can be met as a minimum.

The priorities for the Spatial Strategy and the unmet requirement for housing highlight the merits of optimising the amount of development at existing sites and allocations, such as Grove Farm, Backwell. The site is highly sustainable and can assist in contributing to housing needs early within the plan process, subject to receipt of a timely planning permission. These representations will set out how the allocation boundary for Grove Farm should be expanded to correspond with the land being promoted by Taylor Wimpey. In doing so, this will yield c.150 additional dwellings towards the unmet housing requirement.