North Somerset Local Plan 2038 Preferred Options

North Somerset Local Plan Preferred Options: Consultation Draft March 2022


Policy DP64: Infrastructure delivery and development contributions

Infrastructure will be provided in step with new development and co-ordinated through the Infrastructure Delivery Plan. This will include the mechanisms for funding and delivery of physical, social, community, environmental and any other infrastructure required to support development and regeneration.

Development proposals will be expected to provide a contribution towards the cost of infrastructure. Subject to statutory processes and regulations, contributions may be collected towards:

  • Initial costs (such as design and development work and 'pump priming' of projects or programmes);
  • Capital costs;
  • Ongoing revenue costs such as the management and maintenance of services and facilities and
  • Any other infrastructure related costs permitted by law and identified as a local need.

Contributions will be collected through S106 contributions and the Community Infrastructure Levy.


The creation of vibrant and sustainable new communities requires the delivery of a range of infrastructure delivered in step with new development. This will include the transport infrastructure required to encourage walking and cycling, new or enhanced public transport, the provision of education, community, health and recreational facilities, public open space and green infrastructure and connection to utilities and broadband access.

The co-ordination of the infrastructure required to deliver the local plan strategy will be through the Infrastructure Delivery Plan. This document will be reviewed at regular stages through the plan period.