Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Response Date 17 Mar 2010
The work undertaken by both Broadway Maylan and Roger Tym and Partners identifies a number of challenges to meeting the 9000 dwellings requirement for the urban extension at Weston by the end of the plan period. Given this it is reassuring that North Somerset intends to make up any shortfall in the existing Weston Urban Area. I do wonder if this increase in Weston's urban capacity is achievable and I would be interested in seeing the evidence you are intending to use to support this.

Given the transport impacts of housing development at Weston there is the reasonable necessity to link home growth with jobs in the urban extension, which is reflected in the Core Strategy. Furthermore as stated above, the Core Strategy proposes to make up any short fall from this extension in the Weston urban area. However it is not clear whether the intention is to link all housing to employment growth to minimise these impacts in the general Weston locality. There is the possibility that if growth in the Weston urban area is not linked to job growth, then it could undermine the already low delivery rates in the urban extension as developers may perceive Weston as being "easier". I appreciate that the urban extension and the urban area of Weston are both different markets, and that different developers may operate in these markets. I am merely seeking reassurance that you have thought through if there is any potential for unintended consequences in taking this approach.