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Response Date 15 Mar 2010
The scale of new housing for the District should identify land for meeting the RSS requirement of 26,750 additional units. There is no justification for the deletion of 9,000 dwellings attributable to the South West Bristol Urban Extension (SWBUE). The comments in para 3.202 represent political viewpoints and are not soundly based planning considerations. It is implicit in the Council's general approach to the scale and subsequent distribution of new housing under this and the following policy that it is "cherry picking" from the elements of the RSS proposals to suit such purposes.

There has been no opportunity to critically examine the data for land availability as at April 2009 and therefore the right to do so and make subsequent representations/comments upon this in the future is reserved.

The data purports to show and give a statistically based justification for the Council's assertions. These assertions include in para 3.208 that an additional 3,005 dwellings will be provided in the Weston urban area (putting aside in this instance that the RSS element of 3,000 dwellings for Weston Urban area would therefore be exceeded by nearly two-fold). In addition para 3.212 contains the Council's self-serving justification to "ring fence" the number of dwellings proposed for each of the urban extensions and deem, arbitrarily, that the shortfalls arising (as already now predicted) will not be provided for elsewhere in the District as part of the overall RSS requirement of 26,750 dwellings. It is upon this fundamentally flawed approach that the viability and vitality of Clevedon/Nailsea/Portishead and the Service Villages is completely disregarded by the other proposed policies which severely restrict new development in such areas over the plan period, leaving them to stagnate and be starved of new investments to support their existing services and facilities. It is necessary for the well-being of all the towns and villages that the Council's proposals are amended to properly address their needs for the future. Sustainability is not all about urban focussed living and the use of public transport instead of the use of the car - it also needs to ensure that other sectors of the community can be catered for. Otherwise, by these means the Council is in effect reducing the ability of such communities to maintain the level of services and vitality needed for the future.

Irrespective of the Council's political position in respect of the SWBUE there is no reasoned justification with regard to the planning considerations to be applied that support any reduction in the total number of dwellings to be provided in the District under this policy.