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Response Date 15 Mar 2010
The HCA notes that reference is given to the potential for Gypsy and Traveller sites within the
Weston urban extension (as previously indicated in the draft Gypsy and Traveller sites DPD
2009). The HCA's remit includes providing sites for that section of the Gypsy and Traveller
community who want to preserve their traditions and live in a caravan. The HCA has
therefore produced guidance for bodies such as North Somerset Council on bidding for
funding of social rented sites was published by the HCA in January 2009 for 2009/10.
However, the HCA remit for Gypsy and Travellers is only one of a number of objectives which
must be balanced against each other. The HCA considers that the pros and cons of providing
such a facility on Locking Parklands must be carefully analysed, so as to ensure that the
wider regeneration benefits and unique high quality design benchmarks are not unduly
compromised. The planning policy context for Locking Parklands, as proposed within the
Area Development Framework, and indicated in the Replacement Local Plan and this Core
Strategy, is one of a high quality environment offering a new and unique business opportunity
for Weston. The residential content of the development will provide an integrated mix of unit
sizes and tenures with an overarching objective of high quality design setting a benchmark for
the wider Regeneration Area.
Whilst the HCA has a programme for Gypsy and Travellers, on this occasion the provision of
a site for Gypsy and Travellers within the Locking Parklands site would appear to be contrary
to the above mentioned policy objectives, and will not allow for the creation of a high quality
benchmark development. The HCA therefore proposes that consideration is given to other
landholdings within Weston, notably Council owned land including that within proximity to
Junction 21.
The HCA seeks confirmation as to the timescale for the final preparation of the Gypsy and
Travellers Site Allocation DPD, as the proposals could have major implications for the various
landowners within the Weston Regeneration Area. We discuss this matter further below in
response to the Weston Extension Policy.