Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Response Date 18 Feb 2010
We support the vision of Nailsea becoming a thriving and prosperous settlement and local
service centre by 2026. At present the settlement is described as 'dormitory' with relatively
high levels of out-commuting and therefore a strategy which seeks to address this is
We agree that community service provision in Nailsea should grow at a scale commensurate
with the needs of the local population, as this will help to increase its self-containment and
allow the settlement to fulfil its role as a local service centre.
We agree that new development at Nailsea should be focused on addressing housing need,
as this should help to generate the critical mass of population which is needed to encourage
businesses to grow and/or relocate in the town and support increased service provision. For
the reasons explained elsewhere within these representations however we consider that
there is potential for new development to come forward outside the existing settlement
boundary and therefore we object to the emphasis of the policy on development 'in' Nailsea
which we consider should be amended to new development 'at' Nailsea.