Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Agent Kathryn Wrigley
Response Date 18 Feb 2010
Cavanna Homes support the vision that by 2026, Nailsea will be "a thriving, prosperous settlement and local service centre which provides for both its population and that of the rural hinterland". They also support the emphasis within the vision on encouraging further job opportunities by supporting companies to grow and making space to relocate.
However, Cavanna Homes object to the part of the vision which states that new development in Nailsea will be focussed on addressing "local housing need". Cavanna consider that a vision which focuses on addressing only "local need" fails to respond to wider sustainable growth opportunities which exist within the town. Cavanna Homes consider that greater emphasis should be given to securing new housing and employment development in order to seize sustainable development opportunities, fulfil its role as a market town and meet demands for growth that exist throughout North Somerset. This is in accordance with Development Policy B of the Proposed changes to the Draft RSS (July 2008) which states that at market and coastal towns:
"provision will be made for housing, employment, shopping and other services that increase their self-containment and enhance their roles as service centres";
and para 2.4.1 of the draft RSS which, with regard to market and coastal towns states that:
"The RSS intends that these towns should be focal points for local significant development, including provision for the bulk of district housing provision outside the SCCTs".
This issue is further considered in relation to Policy CS13 and CS14.