Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Document Section Core Strategy - Consultation Draft Chapter 3: Spatial Policies Delivering Strong and Inclusive Communities CS18: Gypsies and Travellers and Travelling Showpeople CS18: Gypsies and Travellers and Travelling Showpeople View all on this section
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Response Date 27 Jan 2010
This policy is in a hopeless muddle. Some of the aims are contradictory and have proved to be undeliverable. The figures given in 3.280 do not take into account the fact that the Environment Agency has objected to planning permission being given to a site, which those figures counted as authorised. There are currently 43 sites occupied at Moorland Park (21 authorised, 22 unauthorised, 2 vacant) and a further 4 unauthorised sites on the adjoining site at Heathfield. This represents a population of around 220-250, with 60+ children. The majority of primary school aged children are at St Andrew's school (about 10% of the school's population) and the vast majority of secondary aged children are not at school at all. The attitude of the council towards this community has been irresponsible and incompatible with the aim of 'Delivering strong and inclusive communities'. The notion that 'Preference will be given to .... expansion of existing sites' is totally unacceptable.