North Somerset Local Plan 2038 Challenges and Choices Part 1: Challenges for the Future

Local Plan 2038: Challenges for the Future

What are the benefits of new homes and jobs?

Proposals for new growth near where people live inevitably brings with it worry and concern. We do not want to downplay any of the issues communities express, indeed understanding these help to improve designs and proposals.

Howshutterstock_515254309ever, development can also bring considerable benefits and improvements to communities. It can:

  • Deliver new facilities e.g. schools, community services, broadband and transport improvements. Our newest large housing developments at Parklands and Haywood Village near Weston-super-Mare have already seen new transport improvements, schools, shops, play areas and sports pitches, jobs, a community hall, pub, petrol station, new cycle routes and pedestrian links.
  • Bring improved transport connections e.g. better or more frequent bus services, MetroBus services, enhanced walking and cycling networks and transport links.
  • Provide more and better affordable housing which can be especially important for some of our communities.
  • Offer various types of shared ownership for first time buyers to help young people onto the housing ladder.
  • Rebalance an ageing population in certain areas or deliver smaller homes for those wishing to downsize.
  • Create new jobs, not only in construction but all the service industries needed by new residents. This would be in addition to any specific sites allocated for new businesses.
  • Support struggling services especially in villages and in town centres.
  • Fill local schools with local children.
  • Invigorate communities with new people to take on community roles.
  • Provide opportunities to employ a local workforce, local products and training for young people.
  • Potentially open up access to new public areas e.g. the Portishead Marina came about as a result of the redevelopment and housing development in Portishead.
  • Provide opportunities to enhance biodiversity through the creation of ponds, wildlife corridors and management plans e.g. the nature reserve at Portishead was also a result of the redevelopment proposals.

QUESTION 1: What are your hopes and fears about having new development near where you live?