Draft Shopfront Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) - July 2019

Draft North Somerset Council Shopfront Design Guide - July 2019


5.1       General

The council will seek to adopt a balanced approach to shopfront security. The key objective should be to preserve or enhance the visual quality of the built environment and acknowledge there may be requirements for crime prevention measures that are proportionate to the risk. Where physical measures are required, they should be sympathetically integrated into the design of the shopfront.

The placement of security equipment on a building frontage, such as an alarm box or camera should not detract from the character or architectural integrity of the building and should allow architectural details such as console brackets to remain visually prominent. Security equipment that is on display can undermine perceptions of safety so measures should be commensurate to the risk.

Laminated glass is considered the most desirable shopfront security option as it has the capacity to remain intact when damaged or broken and is a robust deterrent against repeated acts of vandalism. Combined with a stallriser, the provision of a security shutter or grille becomes less essential.

5.2       Shutters

Projecting shutter boxes and solid security shutters will not be permitted because of their poor quality appearance. They are detrimental to the visual quality of the shopfront and local area, and because solid shutters obscure details of the shopfront, including the window display and any internal illumination, features which contribute to the character of the street are lost.

Internal open grille shutters, behind the glazing are the preferred shutter option, but in some locations external open grille shutters may be acceptable, each application will be assessed on its own merits. Shutters should not cover any part of a column, pilaster or fascia and thought should be given to the finish or colour that is appropriate to the character of the shop, and its overall design.

Shutters will only be considered suitable if the shutter boxes are an integral part of the shopfront surround, situated behind the fascia line. When used in conjunction with laminated glass, internal open grille shutters provide a theft-proof shopfront security system while allowing visibility into the shop.

Open grille shutters may also increase perceptions of safety, increasing the potential for natural surveillance from within the shop to the street, and vice versa, potentially discouraging anti-social behaviour or criminal activity. This form of shutter allows businesses maintain a visual presence outside of trading hours.

Traditional timber shutters and grilles fitted to historic buildings are encouraged and retained where they exist. They should not be removed or replaced.

Planning, listed building and conservation area legislation are applicable to the installation of security measures so please check and apply for the appropriate permission before proceeding with any shopfront alteration.