Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 14 Jun 2016

 Weston Villages sites are employment led allocations requiring the delivery of, on average, 1.5 jobs per house as part of the Framework S106 Agreement. This is a stepped requirement with 0.9 jobs per dwelling required prior to the occupation of the 350th dwelling, 1.8 jobs per dwelling prior to occupation of the 650th dwelling and 2.1 jobs per dwelling prior to the occupation of the 950th dwelling. The Framework S106 Agreement is quite clear in para 10.3 that in the event that the developer fails to undertake remedial action to address any jobs shortfall and the required number of jobs continues not to be delivered, then no further occupation of dwellings may occur without the prior written agreement of the Council. These covenants provide very little scope for deviation from the delivery of the jobs and could lead to significant delay in the delivery of the housing should the level of employment provision fail to keep apace. This adds a further level of uncertainty over the delivery trajectory of the Weston Villages allocations.