Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 16 May 2016


The NPPF states that the purpose of the Planning System is to contribute to the achievement of the sustainable development so that economic, social and environmental gains should be sought jointly and simultaneously through the planning system. It indicates that plans need to take local circumstances into account.

Forcing Nailsea to commit to 865 new houses cannot be considered to be sustainable in the current climate. The main site allocations to the West of Nailsea are nearly 2 miles from the town centre and a similar distance from the railway station in Backwell. There is limited employment in Nailsea therefore a commute to Bristol, Weston or other locations would add to pollution and increase rush hour pressure for both road and rail.

Surrounding areas such as Chelvey and Brockley would be significantly affected as more car movements created by the west end developments will use the narrow country lanes to access the A370. These lanes not only form part of the Avon Cycle Way but are used regularly by horse riders, joggers and dog walkers not to mention the farmers going about their every day business using heavy equipment and machinery. These lanes have also become a “rat run” for cars and taxis wishing to access Bristol Airport- a major expanding commercial business which sits snugly within the existing Green Belt.