Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 28 Apr 2016

Hallam Land Management has sought to work with North Somerset Council since 2014, alongside an unfolding policy context, to deliver some 170 homes at North End, Yatton, to help meet the housing needs of the district. In March 2016, Members of the Planning Committee resolved to approve development at North End, together with additional development adjacent at Arnolds Way, Yatton, as proposed by Bloor Homes.

In this context, Hallam Land Management supports the inclusion of Land at North End within the Site Allocations Plan and more generally supports the contribution that Yatton can make in helping to sustainably deliver a significant proportion of the housing requirement over the
Plan period.

Yatton benefits from a good range of local facilities including shops, schools, nurseries, food outlets, a post office and a library as well as a number of office, distribution and manufacturing employment opportunities. Yatton provides a service role function beyond its immediate locality and is well served by sustainable transport modes; Yatton Railway Station provides connections by rail to destinations including Torquay, Exeter, Taunton, Weston-super-Mare, Nailsea & Backwell, Bristol and Cardiff.

Schedule 1 to Policy SA2
The Schedule sets out a list of site specific details/notes for each allocation. Development proposals at North End demonstrate accordance with this approach. Our application proposals demonstrate how development respects the landscape by retaining the existing hedgerows and more significant trees; provides generous areas of linked green space to include an area for local play, a high quality public realm and enhanced footpath connections within the site.

Opportunities arising from delivery of North End, together with the allocated and consented sites at Arnolds Way include the potential to deliver improvements locally that have greater combined benefit for the local community, these include highway improvements and contributions that could help further bolster the sustainability of Yatton village.

The reference to the 5km consultation zone for Bats SAC is noted, however the site has been subject to a HRA screening process which confirms there will be no likely significant impact upon European Sites resulting from the development of the site. Indeed, no adverse impacts, nor technical objections have been identified relating to the development of the site at North End.

The site specific notes do however make reference to a contribution being required to a “Comprehensive Surface Water Strategy”, the details of which are emerging and have not been made clear to applicants/developers. Indeed, development proposals at North End demonstrate that an appropriate drainage solution can be achieved on site, which provides a positive environmental impact through reduction in run off flows.

Development is not reliant on the delivery of a comprehensive surface water strategy and therefore any reference to this element should at least be qualified such that any contributions should be proportionate, reasonable and directly related to the development, or might indeed on reflection, not be included in the Plan.

In summary, Hallam Land Management supports the allocation of Land at North End, Yatton within the Site Allocations Plan and more generally, supports the approach taken by the Council to assess and identify Yatton, as one of a range of sustainable settlements capable of accommodating growth required to meet the pressing market and housing needs of the District.

The approach adopted by North Somerset Council is supported by the Sustainability Appraisal, including in its assessment of cumulative effects.

Hallam Land Management are committed to continue to work with the Council to bring development forward at North End to help meet housing needs in the short term.