Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 03 May 2016

We specifically object to Trendlewood Way Fields being treated in the same way as other sites, with a proposal to construct a densely packed number (30-40) of houses, including a proportion of “affordable housing”. This can only mean terraced or very closely spaced town houses, or even blocks of flats, all of which is totally out of keeping with the surrounding area.

Surely there is a need and demand for low density, quality housing for an aging population,  to which retired but still very active people wish to ‘down size’, thereby freeing up large family homes.

Conversations with a number of such local people confirm our belief that they want accommodation which provides an adequate number of good sized rooms to allow them to continue their hobbies and recreational activities, use of IT equipment and the internet, gardening and outdoor activities, etc. They want to continue to enjoy their lifestyle, remain as happy, healthy and active as possible but in accommodation that is adaptable and will serve them better as old age advances.

This means they are looking to purchase single storey properties, ideally detached with some space around them. They have lived their lives in detached or semi-detached homes; they wish to keep their quality of living and are not yet ready to move into retirement apartments / homes.

There is a severe shortage of such accommodation in the town; we ourselves have been looking for exactly this for over a year and we are currently renting until such a property becomes available, in the right place.

It really does seem to us that the Trendlewood Way site is an ideal location for such accommodation. It would fulfil the wishes of Mary Shepstone far better than yet another ‘typical’ high density development.

We believe that the trustees of the charities, to which Ms Shepstone bequeathed the land, should consider her expressed wishes rather than simply maximise income from a sale of the land. North Somerset Council surely has an equal duty to recognise her wishes.