Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 28 Apr 2016

The 2007 Local Replacement Plan stated in POP12 and POP13 that Yatton was under provided in terms of open space, outdoor playing space, playing pitches and children's play areas. The SAP identifies sites for residential development that would remove playing pitches with the net effect of even less allocation of land as open space for amenity and recreation. Yatton (excluding Claverham) is projected on the basis of the SAP to have 20-25% increase in dwellings without a commensurate increase in open green space.  It is therefore essential to recognise existing areas and identify additional areas as Local Green Spaces to make up the shortfall. For this reason land should be designated as LGS as follows:

Strawberry Line LNR; Cadbury Hill LNR; Rock Road Playing Field/Play Area; Hangstones Queen Elizabeth II Playing Field; Claverham Cricket Ground, Henley Lane; Land (old orchard) adjacent to the Grange, Moor Road; Field adjacent to/east of Hangstones (extension to Hangstones for playing pitch); village green off Church Road; St Mary's closed churchyard.