Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 28 Apr 2016

Moor Road, Yatton

We note that the site specific details say ‘replacement/relocation of rugby playing pitches’. This comment relates to part of the proposed allocation. In addressing this issue, the particular circumstances of the land need to be taken into account. The field is owned by Childrens Hospice South West, who were donated the land in 2007 through a legacy, in order to ‘help alleviate the suffering of children, many of whom are too young to understand what is happening to them,’ by promoting the development of the land to benefit the life-limited children using the trust facility at Charlton Farm, also in North Somerset. To achieve that the hospice entered into an option with Persimmon Homes Severn Valley in 2014 and a there is currently an undetermined planning application for residential development on the land.

Yatton Rugby Club asked the hospice for permission to use the field on a temporary basis, which formally ceased at the end of the 2015-2016 rugby season. During the time the rugby club have used the area, the hospice have liaised regularly with them to keep them informed of their intentions and to enable them to find a replacement facility, which the rugby club are now doing.

The use of the field by the rugby club has now ceased, there was never any planning permission in place for a formal change of use of the land and the field has no facilities.

Therefore if there is any requirement to replace the temporary playing facility on this land, it is the responsibility of the rugby club who we understand are currently discussing a proposed alternative with the Council.