Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Document Section Site Allocations Plan March 2016 Schedule 1: Proposed large sites for residential development over 10 dwellings (Sites marked with a * are mixed use sites). Service Villages Arnolds Way, (Phase 2) Yatton View all on this section
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Agent Barton Willmore
Response Date 28 Apr 2016

The Site Allocations Proposals Map correctly identifies the extent of phases 1 and 2 at Arnolds Way, Yatton. However, as the school will now be delivered as part of phase 2 (to provide potential for a larger and more suitable site), the land identified for the school needs to be amended on the Proposals Map (currently shown to be within phase 1) to reflect the Councils approved proposals. Please refer to the concept plan as set out in appendix 2 for the revised location of the school as per the approved (subject to completing the section 106) phase 2 scheme.


Schedule 1 to policy SA2 correctly identifies that phase 1 already has planning permission for 150 dwellings. However, it needs to recognise that the school will be delivered as part of phase 2, not phase 1 (as currently stated). Schedule 1 needs to be amended to reflect this position.


The residual land within Phase 1 that was identified as the site for the primary school no longer needs to be allocated as such and given that the principle of development of this area has been approved as part of the Phase 1 planning approval we consider that the annotation on the proposals map should be amended to include this land within the allocation and text amended to reflect this.


The proposals for Phase 2 have been approved by North Somerset, subject to the completion of the section 106, and phase 2 is identified as an allocation in schedule 1. The planning status should be updated to reflect the latest position.


Further detail is provided in the attached representation report.