Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Document Section Site Allocations Plan March 2016 Schedule 1: Proposed large sites for residential development over 10 dwellings (Sites marked with a * are mixed use sites). Nailsea Trendlewood Way View all on this section
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Response Date 27 Apr 2016

As a long term resident who personally knew Mary Shepstone well, I can confirm that Mary left these two fields to 2 charities who have deliberately ignored her wish that they are put to community use favouring the elderly with any development to be sympathetic to the surrounding area.

1. This proposal clearly breaches her wishes.

2. It constitutes over development with structures unsympathetic to the locality.

3. This development will destroy the natural wildlife habitat including bats.

4. This development will further increase the strain on the Local infrastructure. (Circa. 120 people, 60 cars)

A non planning issue is that the charities have a duty to respect the wishes of their benefactors.