Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 27 Apr 2016

We note that the allocation plan has a number of Local Green Spaces designated in the town.

We believe the land behind the Uplands should be designated as Local Green Space, as it meets a number of the criteria as outlined in the NPPF. The space is in close proximity to the residents of the Uplands, Engine Lane and other streets in the immediate vicinity. The space is significant for its recreational value and should be recognised as such. A survey of people using the space conducted by local residents shows that it is used for a range of recreational pursuits. Furthermore this space is the only space suitable for safely exercising dogs off their lead away from main roads. Other local green spaces such as Hannah More Park are very close to major roads that make them unsuitable.

The attached PDF shows this land was clearly allocated as Public Open Space by Woodspring District Council.

The land registry title deed (ST247631) makes reference to the original conveyance between Mr Brake and Woodspring:

"The land tinted pink on the title plan has the benefit of the rights granted by but is subject as mentioned in a Conveyance thereof dated 22 June 1977 made between (1) Walter Leonard Brake and (2) Woodspring District Council."

Uplands Survey Overview

The purpose of the unofficial survey, which has been carried out by some of the residents, is to provide a source of information and data to residents of Nailsea and the surrounding area who wish to submit their comments to NSCC. The information relates solely to the current use of the open space at The Uplands, and for the proposal to build 100 dwellings on the site. Submissions could also include comments relating to other areas of Nailsea which are under consideration in the Site Plan.


The period of the survey ran for a three week period from 26th March to 16th April.

Contributors to the survey were:

  • identified only by their postcode, and therefore no personal details were requested.
  • asked to confirm how often they visit The Uplands public open space
  • asked to confirm how they travelled
  • asked why they visit The Uplands public open space

Two information points were set up at the two entrances to the park from The Uplands and will remain there until 28th April. Two boxes containing the survey forms were made available at the information points.

The results of the survey have been produced in a format which is objective and factual and therefore does not express any opinions or recommendations either in support or opposition to the proposals.

The results provided have been compiled from the completed forms, and at no time were visitors counted. Instead, the results were collected at the end of each day. Seasonal variations result in the park being used to a greater or lesser extent throughout the year, therefore the annualised results may differ from the 3 week survey period. 



During the three week period a total of 208 people completed the survey, and from the post codes provided we identified that:

  • 148 (72%) lived within 1 kilometre of the entrance to the park in The Uplands
  • 45 (21%) lived in other areas of Nailsea*
  • 10 (5%) lived in neighbouring towns and villages in North Somerset
  • 5 (2%) were visitors from other parts of the UK

* Where postcodes were unclear or not provided it was assumed that the visitor lived in Nailsea but outside the 1 kilometre area.


  • 155 (75%) walked to the park
  • 28 (14%) travelled by car
  • 24 (11%) walked or travelled by car
  • 1 person did not confirm their method of travel


  • 97 (46%) visit daily
  • 56 (27%) visit three or more days each week
  • 19 (9%) visit at weekends only
  • 36 (18%) visit once a week or less


The majority of visitors come to the park for more than one reason

  • 140 exercise their dog(s)
  • 141 walk
  • 67 like to meet friends
  • 36 run or exercise by themselves
  • 25 play sport with friends