Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Document Section Site Allocations Plan March 2016 Schedule 1: Proposed large sites for residential development over 10 dwellings (Sites marked with a * are mixed use sites). Nailsea Land at North West Nailsea View all on this section
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Response Date 27 Apr 2016

The site behind 60 Station Road is not suitable for 15 houses because of its location next to Nowhere Wood which is an important site for wildlife and is part of a wildlife corridor. The number of houses would have an adverse effect because of the considerable noise and light pollution which would ensue. The other major concern is the site's location between two schools on Station Road, and the increase in traffic on a narrow and curving section of road. Visibility is poor here for children crossing Station road and another road serving 15 houses joining this section would make it more dangerous. There is only a pavement on one side of the road here. For these reasons this site should be removed from Schedule 1 of the Site Allocation Plan and be included in the Schedule of Local Green Spaces.