Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 27 Apr 2016

Adverse Outcomes on West End Nailsea ff North Somerset Building Plans are Upheld

Surface water from the proposed site could add to the current flooding problems already present in the West End of Nailsea, especially on the narrow approach to Nailsea Wall Lane; this area has a near perpetual flood over the Tarmac. This presently causes traffic problems. Surface water has to move somewhere and would naturally flow from the land used for building in Engine Lane across into the west end dip adding to existing road flooding.

As traffic leaves Nailsea at the junction of Engine Lane and North Street onto West End Lane there is a constant increase in speed as vehicles come out of the 30 mph limit. The West End area of Nailsea is residential and agricultural with challenging road lay outs and family access points, yet drivers relentlessly speed up to beyond acceptable levels with scant heed to the fact people of all ages live there without pedestrian access to their homes. The large number of houses proposed for the west end area of Nailsea will create a further increase in traffic using these lanes. This increase in traffic will also cause the same dangerous problems at the junction of Engine Lane and Saint Mary's Grove which leads to Netherton wood Lane, a further hot spot for increase of speed when the 30mph limit is passed. There will be a huge increase of traffic over the Causeway towards Tickenham. This 'road' is indeed as the name states, just a causeway, improved piecemeal to carry farm vehicles only, not the constant stream of traffic currently over using it. Increased traffic travelling from the proposed site in the west end of Nailsea will adversely add to the volume of vehicles driving into Bristol on a twice daily basis. There are nothing in the proposals to improve these routes through the town or to develop safety measures for children on their journeys to school.

The proposed site at the west end of Nailsea will,by its very geography create infrastructure dangers for the whole town. There is no main thoroughfare for the increase in the towns additional population to use for their inevitable need to travel into Bristol, which is to the east of the town.

There is a commitment amongst Nailsea residents to live a healthy lifestyle, hence the popularity of horse riding, cycling, running and walking. These vital activities encouraged by the government, are prolific in the west end of Nailsea, more so than other town boundary areas. The proposals would decimate these recreational amenities and therefore add to the increasing national levels of obesity, physical challenges arising from this and of course the additional threat to the mental health of our population.