Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 20 Apr 2016

The Backwell Neighbourhood Plan  Independent Examiner, in his October 2014 report, chose to delete all 12 Moor Lane Fields identified in the draft BNP. However, in his report he concluded:

“It is clear from the evidence provided that both areas (Farleigh Fields and Moor Lane Fields) include attractive, sensitive and well-loved areas, and there is no doubt in my mind that there are parts of both areas that have been demonstrated to be special to the local community”

i.e. The Examiner concluded that the extensive evidence submitted with the draft BNP demonstrated that LGS status was appropriate for “parts of both areas.” He also concluded that “Backwell Parish Council will work with NSC to establish how recognition of their valuable features may, in future, be incorporated into the Development Plan.”

BRA proposes that, contrary to NSC’s suggestion that no parts of the Moor Lane Fields are worthy of LGS designation, that this contention is incorrect and inconsistent with the Examiner’s report and locally produced evidence, and should therefore be re-visited.  

The draft BNP proposed a total of 12 Moor Lane Fields (see plan).

BRA now proposes the designation of a much smaller area, comprising Fields 12, 13, 18 and a small part of 14 to be designated as LGS.


The draft BNP set out in Evidence base L the results of a questionnaire asking residents why specific areas were special to them, Three such Fields (Nos. 12, 13 and 18) were in the top 5 of most popular fields in the village.

Field 12 adjoins the northern boundary of Backwell Playing Fields (and its lower, flatter, part might be wanted at a future date for an extension to the playing fields). It is crossed by a popular public footpath which forms part of the ”Backwell Round” linking Rushmoor Lane with the Westfield Road area, and will also form part of the proposed “green route” to West Leigh Infant School.”

Fields 13 and 18 immediately adjoin the built-up settlement area, are crossed by footpaths and are widely used and enjoyed by residents. Field 18 also adjoins a play area laid out for young children, and the extended area could potentially provide space for much needed play equipment etc for older children in future.

A further small area is proposed – i.e. the top part of Field 14, which could then potentially provide a valuable footpath access, from Field 12 to Field 18, below the West Leigh school boundary, and might also serve as space for a small playing area for an expanded West Leigh School.