Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 21 Mar 2016

I am very concerned that a site has been earmarked in the centre of Lympsham Village for 26 houses including affordable housing. The Boundaries were built some years ago and it was our understanding that at some point this development might be extended, there is room and it is on a far better road than the proposed site in the centre of a tiny village.

My major concern is the total lack of information provided to individuals that 'WILL' be affected by the development in a most unsuitable location. There must have been 'secret talks' kept out of the public domain in the Parish Council meetings. There is a meeting tonight to apparently show detailed site maps and show the lay out of the proposed development. Money has already been spent, residence have only at the end of last week received a letter 'telling' them what is going on. This is not democratic and in my opinion totally unacceptable. Information has been kept back from the villagers when they have a right to have a voice on their own village and what happens in it.

I am not averse to housing per se however the single tract village road past a chance at all or widening it...... past a school and the other way to the site will be from Brent Knoll on another tiny road West Road. This is totally un thought out and totally inappropriate. There is land on the main track from the main road through the village, extension of the Boundaries would be the most sensible action I do not know what people are thinking.

The sewerage system which was extended to the main sewer only a few years ago cannot cope with the houses it has on it currently. They are always  manually sucking out the drains when it rains, the manhole overflows like a river down south road and into the ditches and flows into my field...very healthy, my animals are forced to drink that effluent and another 26 houses proposed...ridiculous.

This is not the way to get support from villager, it was my understanding that decisions were being devolved so locals had a voice, it appears not in this case, the cart before the horse comes to mind or the horse has already bolted.