Site Allocations Plan March 2016

A370 Corridor into Weston-super-Mare


It is important that improvements to Weston Town Centre are matched by an enhancement of the main approach to the town from the east along the A370 corridor. This corridor is made up of a number of land uses e.g. retail parks, open spaces and housing and is the major approach for visitors to the town. There are opportunities to undertake planting and improvements to the open spaces and landscaping areas. In addition it is critical that any development is of a high standard and makes a positive improvement to the corridor.

POLICY SA 12: A370 Corridor into Weston-super-Mare

Development proposals and other opportunities affecting, and visible from the A370 corridor from the M5 to the town centre as defined on the Proposals Map must contribute to the creation of a continuous, co-ordinated, high quality visual approach into Weston-Super-Mare.

Priority will be given to a landscaped boulevard approach with street trees supported by high quality design, siting and materials of buildings to create a corridor of high quality townscape and architectural interest. The emphasis is on the view from the A370 corridor and how new development can make a positive contribution to a high quality, prosperous, contemporary and green image of the town. 

Proposals for extensions, alterations and improvements to existing buildings should similarly make a positive contribution to the A370 corridor. Developers will be encouraged to remove unsightly buildings, structures and signage as part of their proposals.