Site Allocations Plan March 2016

Safeguarded Employment Sites

As well as allocating new employment sites it is equally important that existing employment sites that have good access, are purpose built, modern and compatible with surrounding uses are retained in employment use. In the past existing sites have been lost to non- employment uses which does not help to redress the balance between residential growth and provision of jobs. For some sites that are poorly located, rundown or incompatible with surrounding uses then their loss to non employment use is acceptable and in some cases a benefit. However the loss of key existing strategic employment sites would be contrary to Core Strategy objectives.


POLICY SA 5: Safeguarded Employment Sites

Existing employment sites listed in Schedule 3 are safeguarded for business development (primarily B1, B2 and B8 use). Proposals for non B uses classes on these sites will only be permitted if:

  • they are ancillary to the main B use
  • they have a direct relationship with the existing businesses by providing a service to the business or employees; or
  • they are very small scale and provide a supporting service for the employment uses or employees e.g. crèche, gym café etc