Site Allocations Plan March 2016

Housing Allocations


The residential allocations are identified from the following sources:

  • Existing allocations in adopted plans: review of unimplemented sites within the Replacement Local Plan.
  • Draft allocations in the 2013 Site Allocations Draft for Consultation: reassessment of previous allocated sites in the light of consultation responses and other considerations.
  • New allocations to address the shortfall as a consequence of the adoption of the new housing requirement: identification and assessment of potential opportunities.

It is recognised that with the emphasis in terms of housing numbers on the strategic allocation at Weston Villages that the Site Allocations Plan needs to address the five year supply requirement. A range of sites in terms of size and location has therefore been identified which provides a variety of choice, including sites which are immediately available.

Only sites in excess of 10+ dwellings are specifically allocated; smaller sites are treated as windfall.

Policy SA 2: Housing Allocations

Residential sites of 10 or more units are shown on the Proposals Map and set out at Schedule 1 together with any specific site-related requirements or key considerations to take into account. All allocations will be expected to comply with other relevant policy considerations, including affordable housing.